Ultra fast UV-LED curable epoxies for 3D printing, with high impact resistance and high HDT

Ran Begam, POLYMER-G

Abstract:Ways to produce toughening modifiers for UV cured cycloaliphatic epoxy resins (CER), to improve the impact resistance of modified epoxies cured via UV-LED light without sacrificing cure speed, thermal and mechanical properties. The modifier was prepared by reacting aliphatic polyester with Nano silica particles, creating organic-inorganic Nano-Composite photocurable (QPN) material. The effect of adding Various types of Micro-glass-fibers (MGF) to the CER-NCP was investigated. The influence of modifying agents on the curing process monitored through TR-FTIR spectroscopy. The results showed that tensile strength of CER improved by 60% with the addition of the modifier content. Modification with NC and MGF remarkably enhanced the thermal stability and impact resistant. The CER-QPN was printed om Massivit M1800 printer using Droled-L76 395nm LEDs.