Waterbased UV LED Curable Compositions for Graphics Applications, Including Food Packaging and Inkjet Inks

Jo Ann Arceneaux, Allnex USA, Inc.

Abstract:With the increasing regulatory pressure on acrylate monomers, the energy curable graphics market has started to investigate the use of energy curable waterborne resins and polyurethane dispersions (UV PUDs). These products can be designed to provide high reactivity, and cured inks and coatings with superior mechanical and chemical resistance and excellent adhesion to plastics. Some products are particularly suitable for food contact applications as illustrated by comprehensive migration tests and compliance with existing regulations. These waterborne resins and UV PUDs also find utility in the development of next generation low viscosity inkjet inks and overprint varnishes where re-dispersibility in water is required. Data on the performance of these waterborne systems cured with both mercury lamps and LED lamps will be presented.