UV Energy Cure for Formable Hard-Coated Polymeric Film & Sheet

Bruce K Bachman, CSI Group of Companies

Abstract:Speaker will address UV Energy Cure methods and apparatus for formable hard, scratch, chemical and/or abrasion resistant 100% solids coating applied via high-speed production roll or flow coater upon clear or opaque polymeric film or sheet.

Technical and production metrics of UV Energy Cure for applied coating surface outcomes for hardness, scratch, chemical and/or abrasion resistance protection from routine handling, packaging, transport, warehousing and distribution of polymeric web or sheet formats to production indicia printing and/or thermoforming facilities to allow thermoform or pressure forming of 3-dimensional enclosures, components and/or sub-components without limitation, yielding hard, scratch, chemical and/or abrasion resistant first, second or combined surfaces will be addressed.