Beyond BAPO: Liquid BAPO derivatives for use as photoinitiators in 100% solids and waterbased uv curing

Gianni Casaluce, IGM Resins Italia S.r.l.

Abstract:Omnirad 819 (“BAPO”) has been a workhorse photoinitiator for the inks and coatings markets for more than two decades, despite certain shortcomings, like solubility and surface cure. Building upon the recent launch of a polymeric TPOL photoinitiator, we will present patented chemistry to show what is possible in extending bisacyl phosphine oxide chemistry to offer novel photoinitiators for 100% solids and waterbased uv formulations. Collectively called “liquid BAPO”, these molecules offer enhanced solubility to aid formulators, options for low migration, and at least comparable reactivity to BAPO itself.