Intelligent Photon Delivery Systems Powered by IoT

Mike Gharagozloo, Heraeus Noblelight

Abstract:As Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory is becoming a common place, the need to make all industrial equipment compatible with such standard is getting inevitable. Heraeus Noblelight’s Microwave UV lamps have been playing a key role in many industrial manufacturing set ups. Most of our high power Microwave UV systems contain two major parts, an Irradiator (lamp head) and a power supply with controls. Due to the harsh environment inside the Irradiator (high temperatures, large RF fields, large amounts of scattered UV light), traditionally, very limited sensors have been incorporated for monitoring the operation of these system. With advancements in sensor technologies and digital control circuits, HNA strategically selected and integrated several sensors to measure UV intensity, contact-less bulb temperature, air flow, humidity, etc. in the irradiator. Real-time system performance as measured by such sensors is continuously extracted and reported by an intelligent power supply connected to cloud via an advanced integrated monitoring system called AIMS. Such data is continuously analyzed for predictive diagnostic to provide valuable system performance to minimize unscheduled factory shut down. This UV system is fully IoT enabled and first in its kind to connect the factory to the cloud thus laying the foundation for an Industry 4.0 revolution.