Adhesion Promotion For UV Coatings and Inks Onto Difficult Plastic Substrates

Becca Banton, Evonik

Abstract:Ensuring proper adhesion between energy-curable coatings and non-absorptive substrates has long been a significant challenge. Whether it’s high shrinkage seen with the coating itself or low surface energy of the substrate’s surface, multiple factors can negatively influence the adhesion properties of a finished formulation. Past solutions to overcome these various hurdles have included the use of pretreated substrates and the addition of solventborne adhesion promoters. However, escalating costs, increased processing times, and regulatory concerns have forced formulators to start looking outside for alternate solutions. This paper discusses the incorporation of specialty co-binder resins to improve adhesion onto difficult plastic substrates. And since these novel adhesion promoters are solvent-free, low viscosity, and widely compatible, formulators can tackle the industry’s problem without compromising the performance of their energy-curable coatings.