UV Energy Cure for Polymeric Coatings communicating Pathogen Deterrents

Bruce K Bachman, CSI Group of Companies

Abstract:Speaker will address UV Energy Cure methods and apparatus for polymeric 100% solids coating material engaging one or a plurality of pathogen deterrents, applied via high-speed production roll or flow coater directly engaged upon natural, fabricated, paper or commercial packaging, textile and/or manufactured devices, components or subcomponents of all manner for communicating pathogen deterrents upon substrate support mechanisms or in combination thereof, communicating the deterrents to pathogens in a manner adapted to render them, inhibited and/or dead.

Technical and production metrics of UV Energy Cure to allow pathogen deterrent inhibition or biocidal efficacy of recalcitrant pathogens to CFU/ml R values greater than 6+ with contact times of less than 30 seconds.