UV-curable fluoropolymer coatings for application at low temperatures

Elaine Ruiz, William Schaeffer, Lisa Spagnola, Kurt Wood, Jeffrey Klang, Manjuli Gupta

Abstract:Fluoropolymer coatings for application at low temperatures, such as those based on Kynar® PVDF, have excellent weathering and flexibility but cure slow, lack hardness and chemical resistance. In contrast, UV-systems cure fast, have great hardness and chemical resistance, but are rigid and don't weather as well as fluoropolymer coatings. At Arkema we are in the unique position of understanding both technologies and have developed UV-curable fluoropolymer systems that combine the best properties of each. These resins are weatherable, dirt and chemical resistant and have a good balance of flexibility and hardness. They can be used as a clear or pigmented coatings for a variety of outdoor applications.