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UV LEDs Take Center Stage at RadTech 2018

UV LEDs take center stage at RadTech 2018, May 7-9 in Chicago, IL. Perhaps the most comprehensive set of presentations, discussions and exhibits ever assembled on UV LED curing will take place at the Conference. The event includes over 50 presentations that will discuss UV LEDs, as well as three leading edge panel discussions including:

  • Future of UV LED Chemistry
  • Future of UVC LEDs
  • UV LED Mythbusters

In addition, conference presentations focused on UV LEDs include:

  • UV LEDs for Food Safety
  • New Oligomers for UV LED
  • Overcoming challenges of LED in graphic arts applications
  • UV LED Flexographic Printi
  • Waterbased UV LED Curable Compositions for Graphics Applications, Including Food Packaging and Inkjet Inks
  • UV LED Low Migration Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging
  • Improved Curing Solutions with LED Wavelengths below 365nm
  • Raw Material Selection Considerations for UV LED Applications
  • Curing Traditional Formulations with Multi-Wavelength LEDs
  • The Effects of UV Glass Optics on UV LED Arrays
  • Highly efficient UV LED curing process with IR irradiation
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Photoinitiators for UV LED
  • Characterizing UV LED Curing Systems
  • Trends and Advances in Measuring UV LED Arrays
  • Cure Speed Measurements of UV LED Curable Optical Fiber Coatings
  • Photoinitiators for LED curing
  • Innovation in UV LED curing equipment
  • New UV LED Technologies for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers
  • Ultra fast UV-LED curable epoxies for 3D printing, with high impact resistance and high HDT
  • Resin-based solutions for improved surface cure in LED applications
  • “Green” UV-LED Gel Nail Polishes from Bio-Based Materials
  • UV LEDs for indoor vegetable growth stimulation

To learn more, visit and check out the conference pages.


Don't forget that the deadline for registering is April 20, 2018 so please register as soon as possible at


The Hyatt Regency O'Hare is filling up and we will be sold out soon so please book your hotel room before April 19, 2018 at


6935 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 207 · Chevy Chase, MD 20815 · 240-497-1242 · 240-643-0517

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